About us

    College of Pharmacy Nankai University was officially formed in 2007, which was based on Department of Pharmacy in College of Chemistry. College of Pharmacy has recruited many outstanding scholars with strong teaching and research background into its faculty team, including academicians of CAS, winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Excellent Young Scientists Fund, Chief Scientist of 973 Project and so on. The faculty team currently has 29professors, 18 associate professors and 18 assistant professors.8

    College of Pharmacy installed its mission from day one: to educate young talents for human health; to discover the unknown and develop new technologies and medicines for saving mankind from sufferings and pains.

    College of Pharmacy currently has five major programs: Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Administration and Economy. College of Pharmacy has a complete degree education system: Undergraduate programs (Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry) , Master of Science programs( Medicinal Chemistry, Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy)Master of Engineering programPharmaceutical Engineering, Ph.D and Post-doc programs. In 2016-2020, 480 students graduated with MS and ME degrees, 85 students graduated with Ph.D degree. More than 800 students are currently enrolled in the college.

    College of Pharmacy with College of Chemistry, School of Life Sciences built the State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry Biology on December of 2011, which has the highest level research in the field of Medicinal Chemistry Biology in China. 

    The research interests of faculty members mainly focus on the aspects of medicine development against cancer, diabetes, infection, cardiovascular diseases and other serve diseases and core technologies of drug discovery. The college has 30 research groups and many research and teaching platforms, including the affiliated Tianjin Key Laboratory of Molecular Drug Research, Tianjin Exemplary Center of Undergraduate Education, a core research platform of drug discovery, a big data center of drug discovery, a pharmaceutical formulation lab and a garden of medicinal plants.

    Within the last five years, College of Pharmacy have received 90 national and provincial research grants. More than 320 SCI research articles have been published, 138 patent applications were submitted, in which 35 patents have been granted. Three IND applications have been aproved by NMPA, two of which are in the clinical trails.

    College of Pharmacy has established Tianjin International Joint Research Center of Tumor Immunology and has received the grant for study on infection mechanism of pathogenic microorganism and preventive and cure approaches from National Department of Education (Project 111) for international exchange and communication. We have set up the short term study tour with College of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina, University of Georgia, University of Birmingham and University of Liverpool. Students can travel to these universities and do a 1-3 month study tour. We also set up long-term overseas study programs, which allow students to do 1-2 years overseas study. These programs provide opportunities to learn the foreign culture and the advanced knowledge and technologies.

    College of Pharmacy just passed its fifteen-year anniversary in 2021.  With the efforts of students, faculty members and university,  College of Pharmacy Nankai university has raised up and become one of top colleges of pharmacy in China.