College of pharmacy has always paid attention to the comprehensive cultivation of students, since the establishment of innovative entrepreneurial work as a brand characteristic, attaches great importance to students' innovative entrepreneurship work, In the faculty, around the system and mechanism, classroom teaching, campus cultural activities, social practice of the four aspects of campus life to build "quaternity " work pattern. First, establish a mechanism system to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, take innovation and entrepreneurship ability as an important aspect of comprehensive evaluation; integrate the cultivation and assessment of innovation and entrepreneurship ability into the routine teaching link, and combine theoretical knowledge learning to improve students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability; outside the classroom, actively organize relevant publicity and practice activities of innovation and entrepreneurship culture, organize relevant social practice activities, and deepen the frontline experience of innovation and entrepreneurship industrialization.

The faculty promotes the integrated development of industry, university, research and application through source innovation. The faculty shifted our scientific research goals from basic research on single scientific issues to the upgrading, transformation and application of basic research, increased the licensing rate of intellectual property rights by 38%, and worked hard to solve major scientific and technological problems that hinder economic and social development and national security.

With innovation and entrepreneurship as the "target", the faculty deeply cultivates the new mode of talent cultivation. In combination with the international and domestic competitions such as the "Internet +" Entrepreneurship Competition and the College Students '"Challenge Cup" Innovation Competition, it will be used as the second classroom for talent training, and the students' scientific research and innovation ability will be improved in the process of the transformation and implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship projects. Since 2018, the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" team of the School of Pharmacy has won 1 national gold medal, 2 silver awards and 4 bronze awards. The faculty has won more than 40 awards in the "Challenge Cup" National College Students Series of Science and Technology Academic Competition, and various competitions in Tianjin city and Nankai University.