Students’ Science and Technology Innovation Association of Pharmacy College is a student’s organization founded by undergraduates and postgraduates, which is mainly responsible for organizing innovation and entrepreneurship activities and scientific research experience sharing exchange meeting. Meanwhile, it provides a platform for students to communicate with professors and visit the laboratory.

Nowadays, there are two chairmen, Yan Changjia and Gao Meng. It has two departments, the Innovation Center and the Entrepreneurship Center, which has two ministers and eight officers.

Students’ Science and Technology Innovation Association aims to guide students to "know innovation and entrepreneurship, dare innovation and entrepreneurship, and go on innovation and entrepreneurship". It holds a series of activities themed on innovation and entrepreneurship to improve the students' understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, broaden their horizons, spread their thinking, and stimulate their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Adhering to the purpose of serving students, we carry out a series of lectures, hold business simulation competitions and scientific research project sharing salons and provide students with the knowledge and opportunities needed for innovation and entrepreneurship. Hoping to improve students' interest and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, we launched the series of articles, which are dedicated to letting students have a deep understanding of pharmacy and learn more relevant pharmacy knowledge.

Students’ Science and Technology Innovation Association of Pharmacy College always accompany the students on the way of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The NKU Chess & Card Association ( CCA ) was founded in 2004. It is a sports student community belonging to the College of Pharmacy of Nankai University,facing all teachers and students in campus. The CCA was originally founded by XXX, grade XXX in College of Pharmacy. in 2019, a professional sophisticated department, Nankai Chess Institute, was further established in CCA. Currently, our association also has Chinese chess Department, Go Department, Chess department, Gomoku Department, Board game Department and publicity center.

Under the guidance of NKU 's excellent instructor, chess coaches and the positive participation of community members, the overall strength of the association has been continuously improved. We has won many honors in various competitions in recent years. In the 2022 ' Sports General Cup ' China City National Go Finals, Qiji Jiang of NKU won the individual runner-up. In the 2019 and 2021 Southwest Associated Cup Invitational Tournament held by Tsinghua University, NKU 's team won the team runner-up. The team of NKU won the third place in the 2020 Internet Chess Team Friendship Contest between Chinese Students in Singapore and Chinese University Students. In the 2020 Chinese University Chess Network Competition, Yue Fan of NKU successfully defended his title, representing NKU 's third time winning the men 's individual championship in the national competition. In the 2018 National College Students Chess Championship, the team of NKU achieved excellent results and won both individual and group championships.

We forged ahead and did sailing for eighteen years,

We go on sailing and carry on the great future.

Under the joint endeavor of guiding unit and association membranes, NKU Chess & Card Association is relatively strong at present, and will be stronger and continue to bloom.

As a student organization under the School of Pharmacy, Nankai University, the Youth Volunteers Association has been responsible for organizing various volunteer activities and social practice activities since its establishment.The establishment of the Youth Volunteers Association aims to promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and cultivate students' social dedication and responsibility.

Every semester, the Youth Volunteers Association organizes and plans a variety of volunteer activities, including the activities of loving the elderly in nursing homes, the volunteer services in subway stations, the "Cloud Dream Building" online volunteer teaching activities, and so on. Among them, the "Cloud Dream Building" volunteer teaching activity has been carried out in the fourth phase, organizing students to help students in remote areas. Every issue, many students will enthusiastically sign up. When helping others, the volunteers have also increased their knowledge and gained happiness.

Every vacation, we organize various social practices, including rural volunteer teaching, care for rare diseases, poverty alleviation and agriculture and other activities.