The students of our school made great achievements in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition


Let Youth Shine in Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

----The students of our school made great achievements in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition    

School of Pharmacy of Nankai University actively responds to the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, practices the new development concept, combines the discipline characteristics of pharmacy major, and carries out innovation and entrepreneurship work in depth, aiming at cultivating students' ability and awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, creating a college atmosphere of innovation for everyone, and contributing to the strength of Nankai Pharmaceutical Institute to the power of science and technology.  

Foster a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. In daily work, the School of Pharmacy is committed to giving full play to its professional advantages to carry out relevant work, publicize policies related to innovation and entrepreneurship, timely discover the "good projects" of the school research group, and constantly improve the system of student evaluation and promotion, driving a group of students to actively participate in it, select and recommend mature works and projects, and take the "Internet +", "Challenge Cup" and other innovation and entrepreneurship competitions as opportunities. Extensively mobilize teachers and students to participate in the project, accurately follow up related projects, and do a good job of project guidance. 

Competitive sailing, innovation and entrepreneurship won numerous achievements. 

Since 2018, the "mass innovation" team of the School of Pharmacy has won 1 national gold award, 2 silver awards and 4 bronze awards. 1 silver award and 1 bronze award of "Challenge Cup" National College Students Science and Technology Academic Competition; There are 8 first prizes of provincial and ministerial level and more than 20 first prizes of Nankai University. This year, a total of 10 innovation and entrepreneurship projects of the school signed up to participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and the award rate reached 100%. Among them, 15 projects of our school won awards in the "Challenge Cup" Bank of China Tianjin College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition in 2022, accounting for 14% of the total. In the 8th China International "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students in Tianjin, 43 projects of our university won awards, accounting for 19% of the total.  By the end of 2022, our teachers and students have won 10 provincial and municipal awards in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Among them, "Tongzhou Rare Disease Multi-mutual Assistance Center" project, "Return to the Roots of the countryside -- Rapid and Intelligent Evaluation System of Traditional Chinese Medicine Quality" project to help rural revitalization project, "Shiyang Biology-Pioneer of innovative raw materials for Western Native Plant Skin care Products" project, "BioniCare -- Leader of Bionics Innovative Sepsis Drugs" project, "Core of biological manufacturing" -- cross-era high performance "The Pioneer of Biocatalysts" and five other projects won the gold medal of the 8th China International "Internet Plus" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Tianjin; Two projects, including "Shiyang Biology-Pioneer of innovative raw materials for Western Native Plant Skin Care Products" and "Core of Biofufacturer" -- Pioneer of Trans-era high-performance biocatalcatalyst, won the gold medal of the 2022 "Challenge Cup" Bank of China Tianjin College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition; The project "Innovation and Breakthrough: the Dawn of acute myeloid leukemia patients" won the silver Prize in the 8th China International "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students in Tianjin; Two projects, such as "Nanling Declaration -- Advocate of Natural Skin Care Products" and "Extending Neck, Crane, Warm Neck Paste", won the bronze award of the 8th China International "Internet +" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Tianjin.  

Teachers and students ,professional service to the community together.

Teachers and students of the School of Pharmacy continue to rely on entrepreneurship and innovation projects to solve social pain points and difficult problems. Among them, the CFRD Dream Creation Group has created the "Tongshan Multi-Party Mutual Assistance Center for Rare Diseases", which enables patients with rare diseases to be seen by more people and breaks down communication barriers, which is both public welfare and entrepreneurial value. Combined with the specialty characteristics of pharmaceutical science, Shiyang Biological team successfully developed exclusive raw materials for skin care products in salidroside and gentiopicrin and other characteristic and authentic plants, breaking the international monopoly, linking farmers in western China upstream and skin care companies downstream, endosing local plants with higher economic value, helping local farmers to add value and generate income, and helping rural revitalization. Aiming at the problem of antibiotic abuse in China, the Aseptic Claviculus team provides patients with personalized gel customization services through the combination of intelligent medicine and precision medicine, and realizes antibiotic replacement therapy. The BioniCare team's Bionic project uses the immunosuppressive power of melanoma to combat the hyperimmune state induced by sepsis, creating a new path for the treatment of sepsis. 

 Nurturing pharmaceutical talents, with double innovation as the point of pioneering work. 

The success of multiple teams greatly encouraged the innovation and entrepreneurship work of the School of Pharmacy. The school built a "four-in-one" innovation and entrepreneurship work pattern around the system mechanism, classroom teaching links, campus cultural activities and social practice. First, establish a mechanism to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and take innovation and entrepreneurship capacity as an important aspect of comprehensive evaluation; Secondly, the cultivation and assessment of innovation and entrepreneurship ability should be included in the regular teaching process to improve students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability by combining theoretical knowledge learning; The third is to actively organize related publicity and practice activities of innovation and entrepreneurship in the second classroom to carry forward the innovation and entrepreneurship culture; The fourth is to organize relevant social practice activities during the holiday, and deeply experience the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, industry, university and research.  In the future, the College will continue to develop the innovative and entrepreneurial working mode of "pharmacy +", focus on creating mass innovation projects and related activities with strong meaning of "medicine", continue to create the brand characteristics of the college's innovation and entrepreneurship, and focus on cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents with patriotic spirit, public spirit and practical ability for the major strategic needs of the country.