College of Pharmacy Holds a Series of Interdisciplinary Lectures on "Ji Shi Forum"


Recently, the College of Pharmacy, NKU, relying on its 14th Smart Academy, "Ji Shi Academy", held a series of lectures called "Ji Shi Forum", at which many well-known experts and scholars from various industries were invited to present a wonderful academic feast to NKU teachers and students. The series of lectures was hosted by Professor Shang Luqing, the Vice Dean of the College of Pharmacy and a mentor of the "Ji Shi Academy" and attended by the main Party and government leaders of the College of Pharmacy. The lectures were conducted synchronously through offline meetings and online live streaming. The attendees included students from the College of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, School of Economics, School of Finance, Business School, School of Statistics and Data Science, College of Life Sciences, College of Computer Science, College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, College of Artificial Intelligence, and College of Software.

The keynote speakers came from various fields, such as biomedicine, big data, artificial intelligence, and finance, and the lecture content covered multiple disciplines. Researcher Zhou Shuiping, the Executive Dean of the Research Institute of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Professor Wang Zhaojun, the Executive Dean of the School of Statistics and Data Science, NKU, Professor Zhao Xin, the Dean of the College of Artificial Intelligence, NKU, and Professor Fan Xiaoyun, the Dean of the School of Finance, NKU, gave lectures titled "How to Reconstruct Ego-Mind Facing the Digital Era and Future Needs", "Statistics and Biological Medicine", "Robot Precision Operation Assists Cloning Technology”, and "The Power of Finance", respectively, to attending teachers and students. These lectures with excellent and rich content were warmly received by students present. They benefited a lot and actively asked the keynote speakers questions through online and offline channels to have in-depth exchanges and discussions with experts concerning the issues they were interested in.

The "Ji Shi Forum" is a series of lectures organized by the College of Pharmacy, NKU, to facilitate the cultivation of high-level talents and be more interdisciplinary. It aims to cultivate students with a dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, global interest at heart, and global competency, so that they can become talents with diverse thinking after run-through training, thereby contributing pharmaceutical strength to the construction of a world-class high-level talent training system with NKU characteristics.