Student Team from College of Pharmacy Gives a Representation at Zhangjiang S&T-Innovation-from-Source Summit


(Correspondent: Zhang Heng) On December 27, the Zhangjiang S&T-Innovation-from-Source Summit and the first-anniversary conference of the Zhangjiang Industry Innovation Alliance were held in Shanghai, with the focus on building a community of innovations, converging new energy for industries, and discussing the future development of technology. The student innovation and entrepreneurship team of the "Development of Innovative Raw Materials for Skincare Products with Native Plants in Western China" at the College of Pharmacy, NKU, was invited to give a representation at the conference.

The conference was guided by Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Co., Ltd., sponsored by Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Technology Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd., and organized by Shanghai Zhangjiang Innovation Institute. The attendees were more than 100 representatives from universities, research institutes, industry, academia, and venture capital circles, including Qian Xuhong, President of East China Normal University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tan Ruizong, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Deputy Director of National Innovation Center par Excellence (NICE), Yao Weihao, Head of the Office of Science and Technology Development as well as Yanyuan Venture Capital of Peking University, Wang Kairong, Chairman of Shanghai International Medical Park Co., Ltd., and Li Cong, Dean of School of Pharmacy, Fudan University.

In the exchange session of "Focusing on the Future", academician Qian Xuhong shared the latest research achievements and profound insights in the field of microfluid chemistry and microfluidics in his speech entitled New Microfluid Chemistry and Microfluidics. Professor Li Cong, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, presented the breakthrough in tumor diagnosis and treatment with the title of Intraoperative Visualized Navigation Equipment for Tumor Metabolites. Li Zhiyang, a doctoral student from the College of Pharmacy, NKU, as a college student entrepreneurship representative, introduced the research achievement of the team in the development of raw materials for skincare products from native plants and their applications in skincare, and shared the entrepreneurial course of the team, which impressed the attendees.

After Li Zhiyang’s presentation, several experts, including Xia Yukun, a senior investment manager of MSA Capital, Li Yongyong, Deputy Director of the Organic Functional Materials and Applied Technology Institute of NICE, Yuan Yunsheng, Director of Institution-Enterprise Cooperation of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dong Jiangong, Director of Shanghai Higher Applied Technology Research Center, and Shen Chao from the Investment and Development Department of the Oriental Beauty Valley, believed that this project is a model of the production-teaching-research integration, which takes the first step for Chinese plants as raw materials for skin care products selling through the world. In addition, they actively discussed the possibility of cooperation in the project. Chen Weiwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and General Manager of Zhangjiang Group, and Zhang Aiping, Executive Chairman of the Council and President of Zhangjiang Industry Innovation Alliance, also fully recognized the project. Industry experts, including Xu Yongzhong, Secretary-general of the Nankai Alumni Association of Shanghai, Kong Huawei, Chairman of iStart Ventures and President of Nano Labs Research Institute, Liu Ruideng, CEO of Yichongwu, and Niu Shuangshuang, Director of Skin Innovation and Transformation Center of the Organic Functional Materials and Applied Technology Institute of NICE, conducted in-depth discussions with the project team in respect of the full exploration of native plants in China, joint research on skin problem solutions, and development of new skincare products.

The College of Pharmacy, NKU, has always faced the forefront of the world's science and technology, the main economic battlefield, the major needs of the country and people's lives and health, and facilitated the "four services", i.e., supporting departments and institutions of the CPC, the central government and military headquarters, facilitating international exchanges, developing science, technology, and education, and working to better people's life. The college focuses on the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, closely adheres to the major strategic needs of China, and actively promotes talent cultivation and the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. The College of Pharmacy will insist on the innovation-driven development strategy, build more platforms for talent cultivation integrating science research, practices, and science education, train top-notch innovative talents, contributing NKU strength to the modernization of China.