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 Bo Su


·                            Work Address:  College of Pharmacy, Nankai University

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Research Areas

a)  Development of new reactions occurring in a catalytic and selective manner by the design of transition metal-catalysts and ligands;

b)  Synthesis of natural products and biologically active molecules, and exploration of their medicinal applications.


l National High-level Talents Programs (2020)

l Hundred Young Academic Leaders Program of Nankai University (2019)

l China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2014)

l Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Nankai University (2014)

l MSD (Merck, U.S.) Postdoc Scholar Fellowship (2013)

l Doctoral National Scholarship (China) (2012)

l Nankai-PPG (PPG Industries, Inc) Scholarship (2012)

l Nankai University Outstanding Student Award (2012)

l Wan Xiang Scholarship (2011)

l Tai Da Kai-Lai Ying Scholarship (2009)

l Nankai University Scholarship for Outstanding Student (2009)

l Outstanding Graduates Award of ZhengZhou University (2008)

5. Social Service

Early Career Advisory Board Member (2022-present)

Guest Editor for Molecules (2021)

Editorial Board as Topic Editors for Molecules (2020-present)

Research & Achievements

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers: (*Corresponding author)

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[1] Undergraduate: Advanced Organic Chemistry

[2] Graduate: Advanced Organic Chemistry